Group’s structure

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Pursuant to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as at 31 December 2021 the Bank’s Group comprised PKO Bank Polski S.A. as the parent and 38 direct or indirect subsidiaries (at all levels). All the subsidiaries were disclosed in the consolidated financial data pursuant to IFRS 10, “Consolidated financial statements”.
Annual Report
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List of direct subsidiaries:

pko-grafy-2021_struktura GK PKO ENG pko-grafy-2021_struktura GK PKO ENG

1) PKO Bank Polski holds investment certificates of the fund

The list presents the share of PKO Bank Polski S.A. in the company’s share capital, and in the case of funds – share of the fund’s investment certificates held. All subsidiaries listed in the Consolidated financial statements of the PKO Bank Polski S.A. Group for the year ended 31 December 2021 (hereinafter: financial statements of the Bank’s Group for 2021) are accounted for using the acquisition accounting method.

A full list of the Bank’s subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures is presented in the 2021 financial statements of the Bank’s Group (Note 1).

Key changes to the structure of the Bank’s Group

In 2021 the following changes in the structure of the Bank’s Group took place:

  • in January, the reverse merger of “CENTRUM HAFFNERA” sp. z o.o. as the acquiree and its subsidiary “Sopot Zdrój” sp. z o.o. as the acquirer took place;
  • in March the process of liquidating ROOF Poland Leasing 2014 DAC started;
  • in July, Finansowa Kompania “Prywatne Inwestycje” sp. z o.o. acquired shares in Finansowa Kompania “Idea Kapitał” sp. z o.o. from KREDOBANK S.A. which comprise 100% of its share capital and carry 100% of votes at the General Meeting of the company’s shareholders;
  • in August, a new company was entered in the National Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Social Organizations of Ukraine, “KREDOLEASING” sp. z o.o. whose sole shareholder is KREDOBANK S.A.; the company’s share capital amounts to UAH 10 million; the company will provide mainly lease services; and had not started operating by the end of 2021.

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