Impact on the social environment

Annual Report

Risk of a negative impact on the social environment

Social products and initiatives

  • In 2021, PKO Bank Polski S.A. and PKO Bank Hipoteczny S.A. granted housing loans to private individuals of PLN 16.6 billion (a 19.8% share of sales of new mortgage loans in 2021).
  • Since 2014 PKO Bank Polski S.A. has been involved in a nationwide initiative supporting large families: a reduced commission for granting a Własny Kąt Hipoteczny [My Own Place Mortgage] housing loan to holders of a Large Family Card.

The share of loans in the portfolio for corporate and public entities by selected Polish NACE codes (%)

NACE codes: 2021 2020 2019 2021 2020 2019
O. Public administration and national defence, mandatory social security, including LGUs 4.9 5.4 6.6 4.3 4.8 4.8
Q. Healthcare and social welfare 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.6 1.5 1.4
R. Cultural, entertainment and recreational activities 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.5 0.5
Sections O, Q, R in total: 6.8 7.2 8.4 6.4 6.8 6.8

Preferential student loans for students and doctoral students (the Bank offers forgiveness of a part of the loan for the best graduates). At the end of 2021, the value of preferential student loans was PLN 489.3 million.

  • The Bank has the largest network of branches and agencies of all banks operating in Poland. The coverage of the Bank’s network provides access to banking services also to people living in places where the Bank’s main competitors do not have any branches. Electronic banking is an important addition to the branch network.
  • Since 2020, selected locations of the Bank offer their Customers online self-service points (for persons who do not have a computer or Internet access).
  • The Simple Communication project involves, among other things, making the messages presented on the e-banking platforms and in the product documentation more comprehensible for the Customers.
  • Supporting the acquisition of digital skills: at every branch of the Bank, Customers were offered individual support from a Bank employee in using ATMs/cash deposit machines and using their bank products through electronic channels – the iPKO computer application and IKO mobile application. Such education was provided with the help of modern technological tools, such as the demo versions of the applications, interactive videos and so-called Customer screens. Such solutions will continue to be developed in the following years.
  • The Bank educates its Customers in how to use the electronic channels for banking services and has a special sales model for elderly people. In the 51+ age group, the share of persons using remote channels only is growing systematically.
  • The possibility of investing in investment funds (PKO TFI S.A.) and in savings Treasury bonds, including long-term ones. The offer of ROD and ROS bonds for the beneficiaries of the 500+ programme.
  • Preferences for pupils who have turned 18 and students up to the age of 25: a free of charge investment account until their 25th birthday and special commissions on purchase or sale orders in respect of financial instruments listed on the WSE, submitted through the Internet system (including the mobile application) until the end of the calendar year in which they turn 25
  • The offer of educational products for children under the age of 13 and their parents. The PKO Junior offer includes: PKO Konto Dziecka [PKO Child’s Account], ROR Rodzica [the parent’s current account], Pierwsze Konto Oszczędnościowe [First Savings Account], NNW PKO Ubezpieczenie dziecka [PKO Accident Insurance for Children] (0-20 years of age), PKO Junior payment cards, as well as online services and telephone applications:,
  • The Bank has been conducting the Szkolne Kasy Oszczędności [School Savings Accounts] programme in cooperation with schools for more than 86 years. It is currently the oldest, largest and at the same time the most innovative financial education programme in Poland, with more than 4,500 primary schools (one in three such schools in Poland) participating in this programme (under the agreement with the Bank). The SKO offer includes three types of accounts: for pupils (with online access through, schools and parents’ councils. The Bank also offers a social media platform, where over 830 schools participating in the SKO programme have their blogs. Overall, nearly 900 thousand children used the PKO Junior and SKO offers (accounts for children and accounts for pupils. An important educational novelty in 2021 was the launch of the National SKO Knowledge Test (one of the criteria in the SKO Competition for schools and teachers) in the spring, which was performed more than 60 thousand times (education about finances, a healthy lifestyle, cybersecurity).

Meetings with the employees of the Bank and the Police in the regions as part of the Bezpieczny Senior [Safe Senior Citizen] Campaign. The topics include security in its broadest sense: on the road, while shopping online or on mobile phones, as well as financial security.

Preventing financial exclusion of persons with disabilities through:

  • Appropriate selection of locations (along a main pedestrian route, with access to parking spaces, accessible to persons with disabilities) and appropriate arrangement of space in the branches. By the end of 2021, 864 branches (i.e. 94% of the total number of own branches) had been adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities (in 811 branches, i.e. 84% in 2020).
  • The possibility of individual service adapted to the type and degree of a Customer’s disability – if required, in a dedicated, comfortable and safe room.
  • Adapting the portals and applications to the needs of the visually impaired, the blind and persons with manual disabilities in compliance with the WCAG 2.1 standard at the AA level.
  • The Talk2IKO voice assistant: increasing the accessibility of the application to persons with manual disabilities, regular addition of new processes – among other things, voice support for persons withdrawing cash from ATMs using a card and BLIK codes.
  • Expanding the range of services that are available online – including increasing the number of documents that can be submitted online regularly (among other things, documents for an application for a mortgage loan and loans for entrepreneurs).
  • Introducing the possibility of using the sales services provided by branch advisors by telephone or online (video chats) in all business lines, among other things, for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Offering the possibility of opening a personal account without having to visit a branch (the so-called selfie account).
  • Introducing the possibility of making an appointment with an advisor at a specific time via the website – for physical meetings at the branches, telephone meetings and online meetings (video chats).
  • Development of alternative forms of transaction authorization (text messages, Customer screens which offer the possibility of signing an order on an electronic pad and receiving copies of documents by e-mail available in all of the Bank’s branches).
  • Providing services to persons with hearing impairments and the deaf in the Polish Sign Language in every branch and agency (through a smartphone) – all advisers have been trained to provide professional services to deaf Customers.
  • Availability of ATMs. At the end of 2021, 2,504 machines (85% of the Bank’s network) were equipped with audio modules. Information on the location of such devices can be found on the Bank’s website and on the Dostępny Bankomat [Available ATM] interbank platform.

Involvement in pro-social activities

[102-12] For many years, the Bank has been initiating and implementing social projects combining business objectives with initiatives for all stakeholder groups. In accordance with its Mission, the Bank conducts activities whose aim is to have a positive impact on Poland, its people, companies, culture and the environment. The Bank builds its capital based on the national values and traditions. It conducts and supports activities aimed at commemorating important historic events, promoting pro-social attitudes and popularizing the Polish tradition and culture. The Bank is actively involved in educational and sports projects. Its experience and leading position in the financial market also require it to promote entrepreneurship and support the Polish economy. The Bank participates actively in organizing economic congresses and industry conferences enabling the exchange of experience and building Polish and international business relations. The Bank carries out projects both at national and local levels, supporting initiatives that are important to local communities. Such activities facilitate the integration of communities, the development of entrepreneurship among the region’s inhabitants and its promotion.

Both the Bank, as part of its sponsorship activities, and the PKO Bank Polski Foundation, as part of its charity activities, verify every partner and beneficiary of the support provided. No negative impact on the Bank’s image was identified in 2021 in these areas. The Bank and the Foundation implement projects jointly or separately in the most important programme areas in terms of image, such as sport, culture and education. Furthermore, the Foundation is involved in activities which are focused on social welfare, protection of life and health, and ecology. On the one hand, such division of commitment to programme areas strengthens the Bank’s image-related benefits, while on the other, it broadens their range.

Sponsorship activities

The sponsorship activities of the Bank are aimed at promoting the image of the Bank as a trustworthy financial institution, socially involved, innovative and open to its Customers’ needs.

The Bank implements sponsorship projects at both national and local level and focuses on the following areas:

  • sport – encouraging physical activity, promoting mass sports, including football (through the Bank’s partnership with the Ekstraklasa and running (often combined with charity events) as part of the programme “PKO Biegajmy Razem” (PKO Let’s Run Together);
  • culture and art – protecting the Polish cultural heritage, popularizing high culture;
  • science and education – promoting sciences, paying attention to the education of young Poles, supporting educational projects that promote digital solutions in finance;
  • innovations – supporting projects in the area of innovative solutions relating to IT and new technologies;
  • business – presenting the Bank as a banking leader, supporting Polish entrepreneurs, promoting Polish business in the international markets, developing entrepreneurship.

The Bank’s sponsorship policy is governed by the principles set out in its internal regulations and a several-stage process of reviewing and accepting applications that are submitted. In 2021, 196 sponsorship projects received financial support.

In 2021, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant restrictions, many cultural institutions and entities cooperating with the Bank carried out projects in an online or hybrid format, which, in certain cases, offered easier access to interesting cultural events and increased their reach.

Examples of support in the most important areas

Sport: PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa

In 2021, the Bank was the Titular Partner for the Ekstraklasa and the Official Bank of the Ekstraklasa. Thanks to this, the Bank’s brand appeared in many publications and programmes. As part of the cooperation, many initiatives were taken, among other things, engaging profiles “Grajmy Razem” (Let’s Play Together) in the social media and numerous competitions. By entering into long-term cooperation with the Ekstraklasa, the Bank was involved in activities aimed at developing the league and young football talent in Poland. One of the activities that support this objective was the election of the PKO Bank Polski Young Player of the Month, i.e. the best Polish football player in a given month under 21 years of age. The Bank’s involvement was communicated in the social media in the “Grajmy Razem” profile and on Youtube – as part of a series of programmes “Ekstra kibic” [Super Football Fan] and “Kandydat na Gwiazdę” (Candidate for a Star), as well as in television programmes on Canal+. Moreover, the Bank continued the Partnership Programme for the Ekstraklasa clubs – a pro-development and innovative project relating to sports marketing and promoting banking products among football fans.

Sport: runs and other sport events

In 2021, the Bank supported 21 runs which took place in compliance with the applicable restrictions, among others, PKO Poznań Półmaraton (PKO Poznań Half Marathon), PKO Białystok Półmaraton (PKO Białystok Half Marathon), PKO Rzeszów Półmaraton (PKO Rzeszów Half Marathon), Bieg Piastów, as well as the run that took place in a virtual form – Wings for Life. During those events, in cooperation with the PKO Bank Polski Foundation, charity runs were organized, thanks to which financial assistance was given to people in need.

The Bank also encouraged people to look after their health and lead a healthy lifestyle by supporting the programme BiegamBoLubię (IRunBecauseILikeTo). It is a series of free of charge running practices for runners at all fitness levels. In 2021, almost 30 thousand runners in nearly 100 stadiums all over Poland took part in the training.

In addition to the running events, the Bank supported yet again a series of international, indoor horse riding competitions known as Cavaliada Tour and the Warsaw Jumping competitions taking place in the Służewiec Racecourse in Warsaw.

Culture and art

The Bank provided support to many cultural institutions, carrying a total of 65 projects. The key ones are as follows:

Philharmonic orchestras/operas

The National Philharmonic in Warsaw – the Bank continued its strategic patronage of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, celebrating an unusual Jubilee. On 5 November, exactly 120 years since the first concert with the participation of Ignacy Jan Paderewski, a gala concert was held, conducted by the last three Conductors of the Philharmonic.

Moreover, the Bank cooperated with philharmonic orchestras and operas all over Poland, such as: the Philharmonic Hall of Podkarpacie, the Polish Wieniawski Philharmonic Orchestra in Lublin, the Poznań Philharmonic, the Zielonogórska Philharmonic Concert Hall, the Pomeranian Philharmonic and the Kraków Opera, the Wrocław Opera, the Silesian Opera, and the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Art Centre in Białystok.


As part of the cooperation with the National Museum in Warsaw, the Bank took the patronage of the exhibition “Artystka. Anna Bilińska 1854–1893” (Artist. Anna Bilińska 1854–1893). Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowiczowa was the first Polish artist educated in Paris and renowned internationally. The exhibition was visited by 43 thousand people.

In December 2021, the Stanisław Wyspiański Museum was opened in Kraków, and the Bank became its Patron. The Museum, which is a branch of the National Museum in Kraków, is housed in the Old Granary building in Kraków and is perfectly in line with the space of the city in which and for which Wyspiański created his works. By the end of the year, the exhibition that was opened on 3 December was visited by more than 2 thousand people.

As part of supporting Polish art and national heritage, the Bank also initiated cooperation with the National Museum in Wrocław. In the Four Domes Pavilion (the Museum of Contemporary Art), on 19 December 2021 the exhibition “Abakanowicz. Total” was opened, dedicated to the works of one of the most eminent Polish artists of the 20th century, whose installations are well-known all around the world. During the first 8 days the exhibition was visited by approx. 1 000 people.

Last year, the Bank also cooperated with the Polish Army Museum in organizing the exhibition “The Battle of Warsaw” and continued supporting the exhibition “Jaki znak twój?” (What Is Your Sign?) at the Warsaw Rising Museum.


In 2021, the Bank also sponsored several theatres, such as: the Old Theatre in Lublin, the Music Theatre in Poznań, Polish Theatre in Warsaw, the Music Theatre in Gdynia, the Music Theatre in Lublin and other institutions, such as: the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin or the Academy of Art in Szczecin.

Film festivals

Since 2011 the Bank sponsors projects that aim to consolidate, promote and popularize Polish cinematography.

The 39th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! – the Bank was the main partner of the festival organized by the Children’s Art Center in Poznań for the seventh time. The mission of Ale Kino! is to promote valuable world films for children and young people, film education and creating a discussion forum for young audiences, artists and educators. The Festival’s priority is its general accessibility. The Festival also enables children from excluded and disadvantaged backgrounds to participate free of charge. As every year, as part of the promotion of the SKO programme, primary schools that were particularly active in saving were awarded. The SKO leaders (the schools indicated by the Bank) received a total of 1,350 virtual tickets for online shows to be watched in class. In 2021, during the Festival 102 films from 38 countries were presented. Together with the accompanying events, the Festival was watched by approx. 28 thousand cinema-goers, including, among others, the youngest viewers in children’s hospitals.

The 13th “Niepokorni Niezłomni Wyklęci” Film Festival in Gdynia – yet again the Bank was a sponsor of the international festival dedicated to the recent history of Poland and the entire Central and Eastern Europe. This is a place of dialogue for many generations, meetings of young people with the passing generation of the Witnesses to History, who fought for freedom. During the 4-day festival, 104 films were shown to approx. 5.5 thousand physical and online viewers, and many workshops and discussion panels were organized.

Science and education

In 2021, the Bank cooperated with universities and academic centres, such as: the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, the Jagiellonian University, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz or the WSB University in Wrocław. The most important educational projects:

  • Polish Academic Team Programming Championships – the Bank has been supporting the competition since 2013; this year the event was organized by the Jagiellonian University.
  • Colourful University – an educational project which is aimed at popularizing learning and developing the creative and intellectual potential of children aged 7-12 years. The project is carried out by the lecturers of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Approx. 1 200 people took part in its latest online edition.
  • “Best Polish Speaker” and “Best Young Speaker” – these are educational projects initiated in 2020 for which the winners were announced in 2021. The competitions promote the art of beautiful speech and the ability to present arguments effectively. The latest editions attracted nearly a total of 900 participants from all over Poland.
  •  National Early Music Festival “Schola Cantorum” in Kalisz is a project in a contest format, aimed at children and young people from all over Poland and abroad, who are passionate about music and old time dances since the Middle Ages, as well as reflecting them using the fine arts. During the festival, seminars and workshops are held.
  • “Meeting with a Masterpiece” – the Bank continued supporting the Raczyński Library in Poznań which presents extremely valuable old prints and books free of charge twice a year. For the Raczyński Library, the series of Meetings with a Masterpiece is one of the most important events combining history and legacy of the past with knowledge.


As one of the leaders in the financial market in Poland, PKO Bank Polski S.A. participated actively in organizing congresses and conferences enabling the exchange of experience and solutions among various business environments. Examples of projects with the Bank’s participation:

  • Economic events: the European Financial Congress, the Development Vision Forum and many industry projects such as, e.g.: Impact Connected Edition, Congress 590, the Congress “Poland the Great Project”, the Local Government Capital and Finance Forum.
  • Industry competitions: the Retail Banking Congress, the Conference of the Chamber of Brokerage Houses, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Competition, the Polish Firm – International Champion Competition, the GPC Polish Entrepreneur Competition, the Man of the Year of Gazeta Polska, the Power Sector Congress, Civil & Military Aeromixer in Wrocław.
  • Chambers of Commerce: the Bank also supported local chambers of commerce all over Poland and bilateral chambers of industry and commerce such as, e.g.: the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce or the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce with which it carried out projects for Foreign Corporate Banking.

PKO Bank Polski S.A., being aware of the challenges which result from climate changes, gradually eliminates activities that are harmful to the natural environment, it supports ecological education and, in its everyday operations, it follows the principle of social responsibility. In 2021, it supported initiatives which were aimed at discussing the social and economic problems of the planet, i.e.: TOGETAIR (Climate Summit and Polish Multimedia Climate Report), Climate Positive or #MakeAnImpact.

The Bank also participated in many smaller projects – with a local reach but of great importance to the community in a given region of the country. Such activities facilitate the integration of communities, building a platform for sharing experience, and they also contribute to the development of entrepreneurship among the region’s inhabitants. Examples of such initiatives are: meetings with entrepreneurs, cooperation with chambers of commerce and industry, local cultural centres and schools, as well as supporting mass events: harvest festivals, days of cities or other local jubilees and cultural events.

Innovations/new technologies

The Bank took an active part in events promoting the development of innovations used in banking and actively supported projects which were aimed at promoting the digital transformation and the development of new technologies:

  • Infoshare – the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe focused on technology, new media and support for young companies. On five scenes, specialists from 57 countries, operating in the areas of IT, AI and Big Data, e-commerce, advertising, and finances presented themselves.
  • UX Poland – one of the largest UX conferences in Europe, concerning broadly understood User Experience & Product Design, which brings together specialists in: UX & HX Designers, Product Designers, Interaction Designers, Digital Transformation Specialists, and Developers.
  • Hack4LEM – a hackathon co-organized by the Bank and Microsoft in cooperation with the Stanisław Lem Poland of the Future Foundation as part of celebrating the Year of Lem. The narrative of the hackathon presented the participants as Lem’s helpers who, together with him, tried to solve the riddles of the future. The participants were to solve a business and technological task “Bank of the Future” and a CSR task “Cybersecurity”. The participants were assisted by mentors – representatives of the Bank and Microsoft in the studio arranged at the Rotunda.
  • AgileByExample – an international event for developers, testers and project managers using the Agile methodology in their daily practice.
  • Day of Women’s Careers in IT – the third edition of the event online for all women who wish to enter the IT industry. This year, it was divided into two thematic blocks: RE:START for women who are planning to begin working in the IT area and the block UP&GREAT dedicated to women who already work in IT and wish to improve their skills.

Support for the Polish National Foundation (PFN)

The Bank is one of the founders of the Polish National Foundation (PFN) which organizes, supports and subsidizes projects submitted in accordance with its statutory objectives, among other things, of upholding and popularizing the national tradition, cultivating the Polish identity and developing the national, civic and cultural awareness, shaping and promoting patriotic attitudes, promoting Poland and its cultural heritage abroad. Furthermore, the PFN is also involved in initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, science and innovation, as well as activities relating to education, schooling, environmental protection, sport and health care.

Charitable activities

he Foundation substantively and financially supports projects of importance to the development of Poland, implemented for and in consultation with local communities, serving the purpose of building the civic society.

The scope of the Foundation’s activities is specified in the Foundation’s Statutes, while the principles of cooperation between the Bank and the Foundation are governed by the agreement. Grants awarded by the Bank were the main source of financing for the Foundation’s statutory objectives in 2021. Additionally, the Bank transfers to the Foundation a part of the profit generated on non-cash transactions with charity cards Inteligo Visa payWave “Dobro procentuje” (Goodness pays interest). The support is designated to one of the four charity initiatives, selected by the Customer.

In 2021, 243 projects out of 724 applications for financial donations for social activities were approved. Donations are transferred based on an agreement concluded between the Foundation and the project partner. In addition, in 2021 the charity work of the Foundation was also aimed at assisting in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and protecting the society from the effects of the pandemic.

The Foundation also transfers donations in kind to non-governmental organizations in the form of computer hardware and furniture withdrawn from use from various units of the Bank. In 2021, furniture and computer hardware were donated to 60 organizations.

  • Tradition: supporting initiatives that consolidate national awareness, support the development of national heritage and develop civic attitudes (cooperation with the Warsaw Rising Museum, the Maciej Frankiewicz Foundation and others);
  • Education: cooperation with the “Siemacha” Association, the Youth Initiatives Foundation, the Generation of Columbuses Foundation and others;
  • Hope: help for people at risk of exclusion, victims and persons with disabilities in cooperation with the Disabled Drivers Association “SPiNKa”, Fundacja Dorastaj z Nami (the Grow Up With Us Foundation), the Friends of Integration Association and others;
  • Health: supporting activities aimed at the protection of life and health and prophylactics (financial support for the purchase of equipment for rehabilitation following Covid-19, a grant to the Pulse Foundation which organized meals for the employees of the Temporary Field Hospital in Wrocław fighting – as part of their duties – the pandemic and looking after the patients’ health; apart from the activities related to combating Covid-19 support was provided to the Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation, the Foundation at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw and others).

In 2021, the Foundation provided support to more than 100 people – the assistance related to, among other things, helping in treatment and rehabilitation. The Foundation’s assistance was also aimed at supporting socially the families which, as a result of random incidents, including the Covid-19 disease, have lost their closest family members (the families of PKO Bank Polski S.A.’s employees).

  • the Banking Honorary Blood Donation Campaign, which is aimed at raising new generations of honorary blood donors (in 2021, 3,100 people joined in the campaign, thanks to whom nearly 2 thousand litres of blood were donated to people in need);
  • the Charity running campaign “I am running for…” – in 2021, 26 campaigns were organized, with the participation of 8,456 runners and PLN 290,000 was collected for 30 beneficiaries: 24 children and 6 adults. Since the beginning of the programme, i.e. 2013, a total of 487 such campaigns were conducted, with the participation of nearly 216,879 people, and the Foundation has supported 553 beneficiaries with over PLN 6.5 million;
  • the Bank’s Art Collection – as part of a programme promoting the works of young artists, the Foundation carries out a number of activities aimed at supporting and promoting Polish contemporary art. PKO Bank Polski, as one of the largest patrons of culture in Poland, supports and promotes the newest Polish art and the works of young artists. This is reflected in the creation of a collection of works under the motto “A new collection for the new centenary of PKO Bank Polski” for which nearly 200 works were purchased. The collection presents a broad spectrum of artistic forms of expression from paintings to textiles, and its task is to open up a space for meeting and promoting young artists as well as showing the energy of the current Polish art. The collection includes the works of 35 young artists including Irmina Staś, Sebastian Krok, Robert Kuśmirowski and Krzysztof Franaszek. An exhibition of the entire collection is scheduled for May 2022, at the “Prześwit” gallery in Warsaw.

In December 2021, an ecological grant competition titled Pozwólmy Ziemi Oddychać (Let the Earth Breathe) was also announced, the results of which will be known at the beginning of 2022. The amount reserved for this purpose is PLN 1 million. The competition is aimed at primary and secondary schools, non-governmental organizations and local government cultural institutions operating in the territory of the Republic of Poland. The purpose of the project is to raise ecological awareness and the knowledge of climate and clean air among children, young people and local communities as well as selecting the best ecological projects aimed at protecting clean air and climate.

Involvement of the other entities of the Bank’s Group in pro-social activities
  • KREDOBANK S.A., as a supporter of Ukrainian culture, supported again the international classical music festival “Music in Old Lviv” and provided charitable support, contributing to, among others, the construction of the National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide in Kyiv or the purchase of furniture for the school in the village of Podhajczyki.
  • PKO Życie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe S.A. and PKO Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. took part in social campaigns dedicated to healthcare and helping people in need, e.g. by joining the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by donating funds for establishing an additional call center of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, providing support to the Kids with Cancer Foundation, supporting the organization of the charity campaign of the Foundation of Polish Knights “Opłatek Maltański” (Christmas Wafer of Malta). The Company also took part, as the titular sponsor, in organizing the road cycling races “PKO Ubezpieczenia Via Lower Silesia” – including the Kornel Morawiecki Memorial and PKO Ubezpieczenia Junior Race. Moreover, the Company sponsored the Sports Club MKS Unia Hrubieszów.
  • PKO Leasing S.A. took part in a social educational campaign “”. The sponsorship initiatives undertaken in 2021 included, among others, #eRajd Punta Marroquia 2021, the New Mobility Congress or the National Congress of Car Dealers.
  • Last year, PKO BP Finat sp. z o.o. sposored professional football matches for amaterurs – Ligowiec.

The Foundation encourages the employees of all entities of the Bank’s Group to take part in working for local communities. Since 2013, 1,634 people signed up to the employee volunteering database, and in 2021, due to the ongoing pandemic-related restrictions, 18 new volunteers registered.

The volunteers not only join in the projects initiated by the Foundation, but they also often initiate them themselves. The year 2021, just as the year 2020, involved many limitations and restrictions due to the pandemic, however, the employees’ dedication and their activity for people in need in the regions before the holiday season resulted in an invitation from the PKO Bank Polski Foundation to participate in a Christmas charity campaign. The Foundation responded to the needs communicated to it by extending an invitation in December to undertake charitable activities for selected organizations and communities (children’s homes, care and educational institutions, homes for Senior Citizens, nursing homes, etc., canteens, night shelters for homeless people, etc.) in all regions “Christmas Campaign 2021”. The campaign took place in all regions throughout Poland and involved volunteers – PKO Bank Polski S.A.’s employees who took part in support activities in their regions, and nearly 60 of them joined in the campaign by directly coordinating the collections in their regions. Throughout Poland, 3 122 employees of the Bank took part in the Christmas collection. As a result of the volunteers’ dedication, aid-in-kind was provided to 50 institutions across Poland, selected by the employees.

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